Thank you for attending the Take on Board event for May 2021

Thank you for attending the Take on Board Breakfast with Morgana Ryan

At this online event we talked about developing strategy - from global to local organisations with Morgana Ryan.

Morgana is the former Chair of the Strategy Committee and the Board Chair at Infoxchange and Connecting Up and has recently joined the board of CARE Australia. Morgana is an internationally experienced business leader and non-executive director, with over 23 years involvement in the corporate and international development/NFP sectors. She has been successful in working with leadership and boards of complex, multinational organisations to achieve improved strategic, technology and social outcomes. Morgana excels in building trust-based relationships and teaming to maximise results.

Morgana is the author of two books:

* Building a Better International NGO: Greater than the Sum of the Parts?

* Navigating Change for International NGOs: A Practical Handbook

Thanks to Debbie Wood for illustrating our discussion about developing strategy. Watch it here:

Shared links from participants:

Board vacancy - Non-Executive Director (voluntary) - Anika Legal

Some of the feedback:

  • break out rooms were great

  • high quality of speaker

  • really impressed

  • great topic

  • clear framework at outset

  • lots of pearls of wisdom

  • loved it!

  • Morgana’s presentation was fantastic - great mix of practical, lived and gold standard

One word that summed up today's session:

  • stakeholders

  • diversity

  • organised

  • useful

  • timely

  • content

  • supportive

  • informative

  • fun

  • insightful

  • board specific

  • energising

  • relaxed

  • empowering

  • pragmatic

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