Thank you for attending the Take on Board event for August 2021

Thank you for attending the Take on Board Breakfast with Brynn O'Brien

There was a lot shared, and so many fabulous questions asked of Brynn. Brynn O’Brien is the Executive Director of the Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR). ACCR invests in and engages with listed companies regarding their performance on material ESG issues. Prior to joining ACCR in January 2017, she worked as a consultant and advisor on business and human rights projects and practised as a corporations and international lawyer.

Board Marketplace

Sandra Loader shared that the Sports Environment Alliance have a NED position for someone with Environment / climate expertise. Contact Sandra for more details.

Board roles are often shared in the Take on Board Facebook group so please join us there if you haven’t already.

Other resources shared

  • Dominique Hes shared an article from The Guardian, Melbourne student and climate activist runs for board seat at energy giant AGL. Dominique also shared, Beyond Zero Emissions and CAHA (Climate and Health Allicance) Reports.

  • Jenny Selway shared TCFD (Taskforce for climate related disclosures) knowledge hub - a great CPD for free

  • Morgana Ryan shared an ASX report on diversity, 2021 Board Diversity Index

Additional questions

Note that Brynn and I also recorded an extensive Q&A with all the other questions that we did not get to on the day - if you haven’t already subscribed to the Take on Board podcast, make sure you do so, so you don’t miss out. Keep an eye out in a couple of weeks for the episode and - literally! - the answers to all your questions!

The next Take on Board event...

  • Take on Board Book Club: "The Power of Trust" by Sandra Sucher - Join us for the first Take on Board Book Club! I will lead this lively discussion about trust and what lessons can be applied to the boardroom. Like all Take on Board events, there will be loads of oportunities for questions, to share your experiences and just have an intellectually stimulating conversation from the comfort of your home. So book a ticket, pour yourself a glass and see you on September 1, 2021 at 7:00 pm. Reserve your spot here.

  • There will be another Take on Board breakfast event coming up in a few months time with another fabulous speaker. Keep an eye out on social media for more details or email me so I can pop you on the advance notice list.

Some of the feedback:

  • The subject matter was interesting

  • The speaker was excellent

  • Great to have the opportunity to meet others

  • Helga's energy!

  • The polls helped frame and summarise

  • Diverse group of people

  • Great information and energy from Brynn

  • Two breakout rooms worked well to meet new people and discuss issues

  • Great Q&A session using Slido

  • Technology worked perfectly!

  • Fascinting topic

  • Timing was spot on (90 minutes)

  • Just the right amount of interaction

  • A great intro to ESG and keen to hear more about this topic

  • Board marketplace

  • An opportunity to connect with others

One word that summed up today's session:

  • Action

  • Active

  • Applicable

  • Challenging

  • Change

  • Collaborative

  • Connected

  • Current

  • Educational

  • Effective

  • Energising

  • Engaging

  • Enlightening

  • Essential

  • Fast-Paced

  • Friendly

  • Helpful

  • Informative

  • Insightful

  • Inspiring

  • Interactive

  • Interesting

  • Invigorating

  • Likeminded

  • Motivating

  • Networking

  • Professional

  • Resource Rich

  • Thought-Provoking

  • Topical

  • Uplifting

  • Urgency

  • Useful

  • Valuable

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