Maali Khader

Episode 112 - Not all boardroom culture is created equal with Maali Khader

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Culture in the boardroom with Maali Khader.

Today on the Take on Board podcast, I’m speaking with Maali Khader about culture in the boardroom.

Maali is a highly experienced, effective and trusted lawyer. She is also a leading regional expert in corporate governance and sustainability and the CEO of the Middle East Institute of Directors.

In just 18 years, Maali’s career – which began as a legal advisor for a legal firm - has rapidly evolved to her position today as a luminary in the corporate governance, sustainability, training and advice sectors.

Her talents were rewarded early on in her career, when she was recognized as a Rising Star of Corporate Governance by Millestein Centre - Yale University in 2010, and one of the top 100 Thought Leaders in Europe and the Middle East from Trustworthy Business Behaviour in 2011.

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Resources mentioned in this episode: "The Handbook of Board Governance" by Richard Leblanc


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