I’m back! I have an update to my RSVP, plus a Take on Board giveaway

Welcome to the first Take on Board episode for 2022

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Hello Take on Board community! How was your holiday period? Busy, restful, or a healthy dose of the two?

I’ve revamped my RSVP and have a new goal. I need your help to hold me accountable. Are you in?

Today I share some questions to help you level-up your icebreakers in 2022. And after years of asking you for your personal details, I answers my own questions.

Plus, a giveaway just for helping build the Take on Board community (you’ll have to listen for the details). There’s information about Take on Board: Accelerator, more ways to network with the group and a fair amount of inspiration to get your 2022 off to a solid start.

As always, the Take on Board team welcomes feedback and ideas for future episodes. Who do you think I should speak with this year? We have set the goal of ‘the year of the international guest’. Email Lisa or myself any names and suggestions. We want to know!


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