Denise North

Episode 96 - Professional development is always a good idea, the WOBSX program with Denise North

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Today on the Take on Board podcast I’m speaking to Denise North about the Women on Boards SX (WOBSX) program, and also about the current shift in society’s expectations of business.

Denise is Chair of the Advisory Board for Catherine Henry Lawyers, Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee for the Australian Society of Orthodontists Inc and Chair of INSEAD Alumni Association Australia & New Zealand Limited and Streetwize Communications Limited

She has previously been on the External Advisory Committee of Sydney University Dept Government, Commissioner and Chair of Audit and Risk at Australian Fisheries Management Authority and also Chair of Council for International House (Sydney University) and Deputy Chair of Armidale Development Corporation.

Denise has an MBA, a Bachelor of Economics, and an International Governance Certificate from INSEAD. She is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Sydney. Her executive career spanned the listed, professional services, government and community sectors. Denise has started businesses, grown them, changed them and sometimes ended them.

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