Deanne Weir

Episode 94 - Deciding to list on the ASX during a global pandemic with Deanne Weir

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Today on the Take on Board podcast, Helga’s speaking to Deanne Weir about listing AI-Media during a global pandemic and we’ll also touch on some tips for working with CEOs as Chair.

Deanne has a wealth of experience. In fact, her first board was Museums Victoria when she was in her 20s and she’s been on a roll ever since.

Here is where you can find her.


  • Chair of Ai-Media (ASX code AIM), an ASX listed global provider of speech to text services,

  • Chair of Seer Data & Analytics (tech start up) a technology start-up helping the social sector make better decisions through the use of data and insights.

Not for profit:

  • Chair of Sydney Film Festival,

  • Chair of Grata Fund,

  • Chair of Global Sisters,

  • Chair of For Films Sake,

  • Trustee of The Asia Foundation

Deanne is a former media lawyer and executive turned producer, investor and company director. She is passionate about storytelling, change-making and gender equality. Deanne's company WeirAnderson invests in entrepreneurs and storytellers.

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