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Episode 111 - Hugs in the boardroom? Yes, says Cassandra Kelly

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Hugs in the boardroom? Yes, says Cassandra Kelly

Today on the Take on Board podcast, Helga is speaking with Cassandra Kelly about love and kindness in the boardroom.

Businesses and leaders who dare to challenge the status quo and solve the most complex problems leverage Cassandra to accelerate their impact and to find the extra confidence required to make difficult and important decisions.

Cassandra is the Chair of Treasury Corporation of Victoria, a Director of Pink Hope, Pottinger and EU Global Tech Panel.

She has a long list of previous board roles including Allpress Espresso, Flight Centre, and Women in Banking and Finance.

She uses her global experience, and her own mix of compassion, empathy and commitment to action to help leaders and their management teams define meaningful and exciting futures and to achieve them. Her cut through, and ability to inspire and compel organizations has resulted in numerous accolades including her recent Order of Australia.

Cassandra works as both board member, advisor and is an invited speaker at the world’s most influential organizations including the G20, European Union, African Union, World Government Summit and NATO.

Her determination to invest in the advancement of and fulfilment of women is soon to reach new levels as she prepares for the launch of her latest venture, fueled by her view that women cannot wait for the system to change and rather need a guide to help them navigate through the fatigue and towards success. As she says “success is a campaign.”

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A book by Tim Sanders, "Love is the Killer App"


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