Take on Board Breakfast

Thank you for attending the recent Take on breakfast - the first official Take on Board live event!

Thank you in particular, to our fabulous speakers Claudia Fatone and Elizabeth Radcliffe for their informative, insightful and interesting stories and tips.

Here's a summary of some of their take-out messages:

  • hold to purpose

  • keep an eye over all risks, including financial, people, reputation, strategy and governance

  • have a stakeholder engagement strategy including for staff, members, broader sporting community, broader community, interstate and other counterparts

  • as much as possible, stay in the 'governance space' (knowing that at the same time Boards often - rightly - get more operational during a crisis)

  • there will very likely be an explosion in the number of meetings to keep across everything

Note that we are working on turning this into a podcast in the near future - we'll let you know when it is live!

Some of the feedback:

The feedback centred on how great it was to be able to participate from anywhere, the format and, of course, the speakers. Some of the comments are included below:

  • The fact that I live in rural Victoria and could join in the breakfast without having to commute to Melbourne. Having online meetings is breaking down the barrier between city/country...please keep this opportunity going post COVID....

  • The variation in the schedule - allowing a mixture between whole of group and small group sessions.

  • Technical set up, sequencing of different blocks, creating a positive mood

  • The breakout rooms in the Zoom meeting worked really well. Both speakers were exceptional and honest - really enjoyed their insights.

  • Excellent speakers, and managed to feel as though we were networking and supporting one another despite it being a virtual meeting!

  • Helga created a really open and positive atmosphere. The speakers were excellent and the break out groups allowed for informal discussion.

  • The tech and the organisation of it - amazing job!

  • The virtual breakfast was really well managed by Helga as the facilitator. Great speakers and side conversations. I am really glad that I participated.

  • The technology worked really well

  • The speakers honesty and reflections on board membership in a time of crisis

  • Breakout rooms worked well - good to be able to talk through the issues

  • Q&A questions on Sli.do.

  • Geographically diverse participation/wider networking.

  • Presenters. Really enjoyed Claudia and Liz's stories

  • It's great to have the opportunity to engage in an event that is so positive, collaborative and empowering of women in the current circumstances! Well done and thank you!

  • I really liked doing this virtually. It actually made it easier to participate. It would be great to have another one reflecting on the impact of Covid, which is being felt across our businesses.

  • Having been in the thick of the COVID crisis as a Senior Exec I haven't had the time nor the headspace to reflect, today gave me that opportunity and I feel really positive about myself as a leader and what I have learnt from this time.

  • Really great session, wish I'd known about this community when I was in Melbourne!! (note from Helga - well, now that these events are virtual you can continue to participate from wherever you are in the world!)

  • So good. The content was intense, atmosphere collegiate and the outcome uplifting.

  • Loved the breakout rooms. So nice to chat to the participants. Even got to meet Claudia!

Things for me to change next time:

Comments on what to do differently focussed on more time in the breakout rooms, more time for the speakers and more time for the Q&A - you can see it's a delicate balance to get right! One person suggested staying with the same group of people in break out rooms rather than different people - I might trial this next time to see what people think! Feedback on this idea very welcome. It was also suggested I use polls - I’ll work on this for next time.

Board Marketplace

  • Stroke Association of Victoria needs a Treasurer - let me know if you want more information about this

  • Fitzroy Legal Services is seeking Board members - contact Claudia Fatone if you want more information

  • Woodend Community House is always looking for interested people - contact Jayne Howley if you want more information

If you have board roles, feel free to post them in the Take on Board Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/TakeOnBoard/

Take on Board guests

You might have met some of the Take on Board podcast guests at the event too - if you want to hear their episodes, here are the links:

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