Board KickStarter Breakfast - July 2019

Thanks everyone for joining me at the July Board KickStarter breakfast and, in particular, to our fabulous speakers Rachel Lowry and Michelle Shepherd for their informative, insightful and interesting stories and tips.

Here's a summary of some of their take-out messages:

Summary of key points

Rachel's 10 tips:

  • Familarise yourself with your skills matrix (or the skills matrix of the board you are seeking)

  • One-on-one with each Board member to build relationships

  • Swiss banks don't like to work with Australian Chairs!

  • Set the priorities - if the Chair isn't, help them out

  • Give everyone a voice

  • Not for profit doesn't mean no commercial nous

  • Check in on culture regularly

  • Set clear risk appetite for the different parts of the organisation

  • Support your CEO - set clear standards and have any discussions you need to have early

  • Make board meetings enjoyable - it's ok to have fun!

And from Michelle - she told us about her entry to board work, via volunteering, and her 'year of yes' and sometimes imposter syndrome. The three things she could really provide to the board is her PR expertise, knowledge of building a small business and her determination for the cause. Her observations:

  • As an organisation evolves, so do the seats at the table

  • Build relationships between Directors - you need trust and accountability

  • When recruiting new board members, go beyond the norm

  • Do Board training, even if you think you're not ready

  • Know the organisations issues and purpose (and the constitution!)

  • Get a coach and/or do Board Accelerator (thanks for the plug, Michelle!)

  • Say yes

  • Back yourself

A sample of the feedback from breakfast

  • Guest speakers ere wonderful

  • Format flowed beautifully

  • Fabulous opportunity to network

  • Marketplace was great - loved the opportunity - great idea!

  • Fantastic, fun and friendly event

  • Presentations were great

  • Great people attending - great room of women

  • Timing worked well

  • The venue, presenters and Helga were great!

  • Great rhythm

  • Engaging and dynamic Q&A

  • Everything was great!

  • Another fabulous event - so worthwhile

  • Communication, connection, concise, articulate speakers

  • My first time and I enjoyed the format

  • Interesting speakers - very engaging

  • Practical speeches

  • Friendly environment

  • Very inspiring

  • Discussions had and all welcome to comment and participate - very inviting

  • Table conversation was excellent

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