Coffee lucky dip 2019

What others have to say about their coffee catch ups ...

Hi Helga,

I'd like to let you know that I met with Erin this morning and she is an absolutely lovely and positive lady. We talked around 45 mins. She also said that she will introduce me to two people at Police Victoria to have a tour for me and talk to me about communication and media in Police Victoria and the courses related to it.

I did enjoy talking to her and I hope that she did so. I am happy to catch up with her again and hope she likes to do so.

Thank you so much for matching us together. it was amazing experience.

- Shabnam Daliri

Helga, Catherine and I met today for an iced latte, given the (holy cow how muggy is it?!?!) weather – photo as attached!

I learnt from Catherine a bit more on applying economic modelling to social service provision and the projects she worked on. I have offered to send her some business development links that I’m currently using for a new job.

- Rachel

A quick note to let you know Rebecca and I met for coffee today. We had so much in common / could share / were interested in, it was great, and in fact led us to question how much of a true 'lucky dip' we in fact were :)

Helga, a huge thank you for your incredible work in creating opportunities for wonderful women to connect, share and learn.

Have a great weekend, and look forward to chatting soon with you both.

Cheers, Nicola

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