Wise Tribe Group Coaching Program

Summary of program/event This program will increase the impact of you and your business. WISE is Women: Imagination | Strategy | Engage

What is in the program/event This is a 10 session, online group coaching program (via Zoom). Participants will need to participate by video, not just audio.

  • Sessions will be 60-90 minutes (depending on the number of participants – minimum 6, maximum 10).

  • Agenda for each session will be:

  • Check in (1-2 m each person)

  • Achieved goal from last session (Y/N)

  • Win for the month (something that went well, something I learnt etc)

  • Personal/professional update

  • Challenges (20m per person for complete discussion)

  • One or two in the group share a challenge, group provide input (either via a formal peer review process of more informal discussion)

  • Goal setting (1 – 2 minute per person)

  • Goal for the next month (SMART)

  • Sharing (if time) (1 – 2m per person) (or can be done via private FB group)

  • Resources/learning/ideas

  • Sessions will be recorded and saved in DropBox.

  • Goal/win tracking in Google/Dropbox

  • Support between sessions through private FB group (or Slack channel)

  • Participants will be matched for a cuppa (virtual or face-to-face, depending on location) on a one-on-one basis with another participant each month. If possible, a face to face dinner will also be organised either mid year or at end of year.

  • Pre program workbook (for completion prior to program) and pre session reflections (to be completed prior to each session) (TBC)

What will attendees get out of this workshop Greater impact for you and your business. Accountability, focus, community, creativity. A network of trusted advisors. Ideas for their business and the commitment and accountability to make them happen.

Who should attend Women who run their own small business or practice and who wish to increase their impact. You must commit to attend at least 8 of the 10 sessions over the year (unless there are extenuating circumstances), to updating the online wins/goals tracker and to sharing challenges and input into the challenges of others.

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