Fits and Starts

"Fits and starts, fits and starts! Between illnesses, holidays and hot weather, we have lots of legitimate obstacles to full, productive work days at this time of year. I'm feeling it at home and work. How do you regain momentum - and mojo - after unexpected interruptions?"

This message, from a connection, mirrors my own thoughts at this time of year. It's February*. We are past the enthusiasm of new years' resolutions and holiday glow. Perhaps, like me, you feel that sometimes things are beginning to slip. How can we make sure we get back on the bike (literally or metaphorically!)?

Most people can't run at the bike, leap on and peddle all at the same time - you fall over. Fits and starts. How to get moving again?

After all, the real challenge is to make sure you can get moving again rather than to get moving in the first place. We all fall off the bike at some stage.

So to get us back on our bikes, I thought I'd share my model for keeping on track:

pause > prioritise > pardon > push on.

  1. Pause & reflect - take a deep breath and stop. Breathe. Reflect: what's important to me? What are my key values? What impact do I want to make in the world.? If these questions are too big, just breathe and be as present in the moment as you can be.

  2. Prioritise - what's the most important thing you can do right now? A client was recently telling me about something she hadn't done ... and then revealed that she hadn't done it as she had been caring for her partner who was unwell. In that moment, the most important thing she could be doing was caring for her partner. That's not a distraction, it's the right priority.

  3. Pardon/forgive yourself - focus on what you have done. Maybe you have re-prioritised to something more important (like caring for your partner). Maybe you've been faffing. Whatever you have been doing - forgive yourself. Beating yourself up won't help you to push on.

  4. Push on - now that you know what's most important, take a step towards it. Make the step small so you can do it, and build momentum. Do it. And be proud! And, hey, if you fall off again no matter. It gives you another opportunity to practice getting back on!

Go forth. Get back on that bike.


* And, ironically, you might notice that this "February" edition is brought to you on the first day of March! With a deep breath, and a healthy dose of forgiveness to myself, I pushed on to bring this to you in March instead!

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