Board KickStarter Breakfast - Dec 2017

Thanks everyone for joining me at the December Board KickStarter breakfast and, in particular, to our fabulous speakers Jennifer Williams AM and Felicity Pantelidis for their informative, insightful and interesting stories and tips.

Here's a summary of some of their take-out messages:

Summary of key points
  • Choose a board that matches your passion and interests

  • Networking is important for finding a role - let people know that you are looking for a role and make the time to meet with people at events or over a cuppa. If you hate networking, re-think it to "regular conversations with people about something you're interested in"!

  • Skills that are sought include clinical governance (for a health board), governance level skills (not operational)

  • Training - many still see AICD Company Directors Course as the 'gold standard'

  • There are some websites to find board roles - check my blog here that outlines some of the ones mentioned

  • You can also look within your own organisation - are there committees you can join? Can you be mentored by a NED of your current organisation?

  • Issues and challenges of being a Director

  • CEO recruitment is one of the most important tasks of a board. Challenges include risks and decision making.

  • being a NED is different to management - stay out of the weeds. Ask questions like "how can you assure me that ...."

  • be aware of board dynamics

  • read the papers!

  • be respectful of management

  • Just because an organisation asks you to join their board doesn't mean you should do it - do lots of due diligence!

Feedback from breakfast
  • I loved the tips from the speakers - enlightening, engaging and helpful.

  • The ability to chat between each presentation worked well - interesting, informative, fun.

  • Excellent speakers and engaged attendees - practical and insightful. Overall it was insightful, collaborative and inspiring.

  • Great speakers - I would have loved more time. Great, informative, interesting.

  • Great speakers - natural, generous and fabulous information.

  • Having time to chat at the table after each presentation worked well - inspiring, connected and passionate

  • The format worked well - breaking up formalities for conversation at tables. Interesting, thought-provoking and valuable.

  • Casual atmosphere worked well, and great speakers. Insightful, warm, friendly.

  • Just being able to sit and listen to the speakers and everyone at the table - lively, welcoming, listen and learn.

  • Interaction and good number of attendees, along with quiet food service and excellent and succinct rich experience of speakers. Focussed and energy in the room.

  • Both excellent speakers. Very pragmatic advice, open and encouraging. Dynamic, grounded and informative.

  • The speakers were very engaging and interesting - excellent, useful, homework!

  • The speakers were great - interesting, well-organised and good central venue.

  • Speakers were great and meal was easy - welcoming, informative and private.

  • Good speakers with honesty and being open to share their experience. Fun, interesting and honest.

  • Good tips and advice from both presenters and great discussion at the table. Insightful and practical.

  • The format was relaxed and conducive to discussion - relaxed, informal and informative.

  • The conversations worked well - empowering, informative sharing experiences and diverse.

  • Two fantastic speakers and good Q&A at the end - insight, fun and enjoyable.

  • Everything worked well - informative, efficient and inspiring

  • Inspiring, dynamic and relevant

  • Presenters, question time and marketplace worked well - practical and informative.

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