Board KickStarter Breakfast - July 2017

Thanks everyone for joining me at the July Board KickStarter breakfast and, in particular, to our fabulous speakers Leonie Morgan, AM and Rose Hiscock for their informative, insightful and interesting stories and tips.

Here's a summary of some of their take-out messages:

Summary of the key points

Joining a board

  • Work out what your interests are and what you can add (Boards aren't all accountants and lawyers - it might be HR or communications)

  • Observe a board before you say "yes" to joining

  • Consider training, such as the AICD Company Directors Course

  • Work the networks (and while on a board, look after your networks)

  • Look for boards that value diversity - often see corporate people on Arts boards, but not necessarily vice versa. Also often see accountants and lawyers - look for an organisation that values a range of skills.

  • Show an interest in the organisation and the work on the organisation - go to their events and their shows, join as a member.

On a board

  • Build relationships with other Board members - have lunch, coffee, get your nails done together!

  • Join committees, and consider joining those that are outside your own speciality knowledge

  • Read the papers

  • Come to board meetings armed with questions - talk to the chair if there is anything sensitive to raise

  • Know when to leave the board!

Feedback from the breakfast
  • Guest speakers with great insights; good company at our table. Insightful, connecting, inspiring and motivating

  • Welcoming and informative

  • The speakers worked well, as well as the informal conversations. Intelligent, open and warm.

  • Great people!

  • Today was my first Board KickStarter and I am very impressed with today's event - interesting, informative, educative.

  • Presenters were great and good networking opportunities and venue. Inspiring, informative, motivational.

  • Everything was great! It flowed well. Loved the breakfast/event and speakers. Thank you! Educations, inspiriting and enjoyable.

  • The format and the speakers worked well. Interesting, engaging and informative.

  • Informative, empowering and calm. The open conversations worked well.

  • The speakers and opportunities worked well. Fun, fantastic and insightful.

  • Everything worked well - loved it! Interesting, warms, inviting.

  • Great hearing the personal experiences of the guest speakers and their journey.

  • Energising!

  • Great speakers and nice, tight agenda. Marketplace is a great idea. Helpful.

  • Engaging speakers with different perspectives

  • Format of speakers and networking worked well. Engaging, connecting, transparent.

  • Interesting, through-provoking and worthwhile.

  • Useful insights. Informative, engaging and interesting.

  • Excellent speakers and nice structure to the program (efficient). Informative, enthusiastic, generous.

  • Everything worked well! Great energy, strong speakers and approachable - inspiring, buzz, supportive.

  • The guest speakers were great. Excellent, great networking, well organised.

  • Crisp, clear speakers - collaborative, sharing, elitism

  • Calibre of speakers and access worked well - welcoming, informative, helpful.

  • Everything worked well! Informative, great.

  • Guest speakers and time for small table discussion and group questions worked well. Generous, warm, engaged. Thanks to Helga and the speakers - great event.

  • Small intimate style, short talks - interesting

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