Board KickStarter Breakfast - July 2016

Speakers Henriette Rothschild, Kate Palmer and Jenny Holliday.

Take away messages:

  • If you are keen on a board role, put yourself forward - let people who can help know that you are interested.

  • To get a board role, there needs to be vacancies, your skills need to match what they need and you need to love what the organisation is all about.

  • Know that there is a commitment - of time, energy, skills and more - in taking on a board role.

  • During recruitment for a role, ask lots of questions about the organisation, and, in particular, get to know the culture.

  • Rather than thinking about "when's my moment to contribute/speak in a meeting" think about what you are doing when you're not speaking.

  • As a Board member you are part of a team - it takes all different kinds of commitment, skills and styles.

  • It's not just about what's in it for you; what can you give?

  • Be well prepared; speak your mind and be prepared to change your mind.

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  • Great conversation around the table

  • Inspiring speakers

  • Lovely friendly tone

  • Speakers were terrific – such warmth and enthusiasm in the room.

  • Getting ideas, thoughts from the speakers on how to move forward

  • Speakers – quality, diversity and passion.

  • Essential breakfast for bringing out the ways for potential board members to “put up their hand” and be part of it!

  • Focussed interaction

  • Great time management – both for mingling/developing connections and to the speakers. Also very inspiring contributors!

  • Speakers were great

  • I will try to put my hand up where appropriate!

  • Great to have time to talk after every speaker

  • All so new and interesting

  • The three speakers – good common themes but also different perspectives

  • Short, sharp presentations

  • Good mix of people

  • Nice mix of speakers – high energy

  • Excellent speakers

  • Very good insights and food for thought

  • Short and sharp presentations

  • All three speakers were very insightful and all had great knowledge and experience to call on

  • Excellent speakers and good to have 5 minute breaks between presentation to discuss messages

  • Interesting, diverse speakers

  • Complimentary speakers – common themes but different, real life speakers

  • Interesting speakers/topic – good to leverage knowledge and experience of speakers

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