Board KickStarter Breakfast - March 2016

Speakers: Morgana Ryan and Michelle Gallaher Take away messages:

  • Build a network

  • Don't be shy; it's ok to be selfish - have the courage to pursue board opportunities and tell the world “I'm here and I'm ready!”. It's ok to put yourself up and be knocked back.

  • Bring other women with you to opportunities

  • A board is like a basketball team - everyone brings something to the team

  • Don't shoot for perfectionism - just have a crack

  • Be clear about what you offer - identify three or four key skills, not a laundry list of everything.

  • Do you due diligence on any Board you are invited to join - insolvency, insurance - ask the hard questions before you join.

  • Diversity is not just about gender - age, culture, skill set (particularly technology)

  • Mentoring is a two-way process - find a younger mentor/mentee to learn new things.

  • And of course ... Fill up the knickers drawer!

Feedback about the event:

  • Informative, insightful and down to earth

  • Relaxed and interactive; Q&A was great!

  • Energized, inspiring, valuable

  • The speakers were fabulous! I would have liked to hear more from them!

  • Loved the venue; yummy food. Great speakers. Inspiring, impressive and welcoming.

  • Two speakers were good in terms of time, information, depth of discussion. Inspiring, insightful and open.

  • Attendees were all very interesting; presenters were great, diverse, interesting. Overall inspiring, enthusiastic and informative.

  • Great speakers! Inspiring, encouraging and thought-provoking.

  • Keep it up - this is such a special event! There's no other space like this - women sharing openly and authentically about how to succeed daringly as ourselves. Honest, inspiring, compassionate.

  • The speakers provided great insights into a woman's role on a board and effective board membership. It was effective, informative and fun.

  • Interesting speakers - inspiring, interesting, honest.

  • Great speakers and good sized group. Informative, comfortable and friendly. I gained a great deal out of this event.

  • Speakers were inspiring - great case studies. Inspiring, energizing, motivating.

  • Plenty of time for networking and engaging speakers. Inspiring, thought-provoking and action- oriented.

  • Good mix of speakers with different perspectives - hearing something new about areas (industry, science). It was confidence building, useful and inspiring.

  • I liked that each presenter had 2 - 3 key pointers to help “kickstart”

  • Very interesting speakers. Interesting, exposure and opportunity.

  • The morning flowed very well. The moments between speakers to discuss with people on the table was valuable. Q&A very valuable. Inspiration, education, enlightening.

  • Generous information sharing; very informative. Encouraging and inspiring. I'm new to the whole concept of working on boards so it was all very useful.

  • Insightful, rewarding, helpful.

  • Everything! Timing great, ace speakers. Friendly, informative, supportive. It was a wonderful atmosphere - I'll come again.

  • Great speakers, excellent topics and keeping to time. Warm, open, accepting.

  • Speakers worked well and tables with interesting people. Interesting, well-run and engaging.

  • Great, personable speakers. Good to hear from real people about their experiences. Friendly, professional and though-provoking. Good to refocus my thinking on approach to board and career.

  • Great timing of question and answer session. Welcoming, informative and encouraging.

  • Great speakers - knowledgeable. Professional, wisdom and generous. Thank you.

  • Format, speakers and timing worked well. It was useful, stimulating and inspiring.

  • Refreshment, time to mingle and encouragement and guest speakers all worked well. It was great, interesting and eye-opening.

  • The networking and great speakers worked well. It was informative and motivational. It enforced my belief in my abilities.

  • The speakers were terrific - very engaging and knowledgeable. It was thought provoking and helpful.

  • Great speakers, practical information. It was engaging and though-provoking.

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