Where to start the search for board roles ...

I consolidate lots of board roles and post them to my Facebook group so it's a great way of keeping an eye on most of these sites, all in one place.

Here's a few of my favourite sites for finding the right board role:

For not for profit Directorships

Pro Bono Australia

Our Community

Leadership Victoria

Ethical Jobs (sometimes has board roles)

Membership listings

If you are a member of the following they have listings:

CPA Australia

Australian Institute of Company Directors

Women on Boards

Victorian government roles

All Victoria government roles are advertised here.

If you're female make sure you sign up to the Victorian Womens Register which advertises all Victorian government roles. For years this list was next to useless and seemed to only provide unpaid cemetery trust roles. Since the Andrews government announcement that 50% of all new appointments to paid government roles will be women the register has transformed into a vital resource for women interested in government boards.

NSW government roles

All NSW government roles are advertised here.

And if you are keen on board roles, you might like to enquire about my Board Kickstarter (for aspiring women directors) or Board Accelerator (for experienced women directors) group coaching programs. Click here to request information on these programs.

Please feel free to let me know any other that you know of - feel free to send me an email.

Join the Take on Board Facebook group for regular breakfast events, group coaching, tips, tricks and support.

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