Board KickStarter Breakfast

Board KickStarter Breakfast- March 2015

Speakers: Anthea Green and Monique Conheady

Take away messages:

  • Use your contacts - you don't need 300 of them, just five that matter.

  • Develop a one page resume.

  • It could take 6 - 12 months to find the right role for you - maybe more. Be patient.

  • Assess your appetite for risk and do your due diligence on any organisation you are considering joining as a NED.

  • A common - but not the only - pathway is to join a a not-for-proft board, then a government board and then a commercial board.

  • Don't be the Chair as your first NED role!

Feedback about the speakers:

  • "tips and hints from working Directors"

  • "hearing the real stories - strengths and weaknesses"

  • "interesting speakers"

  • "two speakers and each with varied stories"

  • "hearing from speakers, especially their practical tips/experience"

  • "the speakers"

  • "interesting speakers"

  • "people speaking candidly from personal experience"

  • "speakers were both fantastic"

  • "great speakers - honest, forthright, practical"

  • "good presentations by both speakers and good structure having Q&A at end"

  • "passionate speakers - inspiring"

  • "fantastic speakers"

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