Kate Conneely

Episode 93 - The 101 on voluntary administration and what you need to know for your boards with Kate Conneely.

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The 101 on voluntary administration and what you need to know for your boards with Kate Conneely.

Today on the Take on Board podcast, Helga is speaking to Kate Conneely  about voluntary administration, what is it, what it can be used for, and why directors should consider it as part of their governance framework.


Kate is a partner at KordaMentha and a registered liquidator. She bring over 13 years’ experience specialising in formal insolvency, restructuring and litigation strategy. In her role as Registered Liquidator, she, in effect, assumes the position of the board on each company to which she is appointed.


Kate has a  proven track record dealing with small enterprises through to large corporate groups, across a broad range of industries and restructuring scenarios, including playing a lead role in the Arrium administration.  Most recently, Kate was appointed as Administrator of Equestrian Australia Limited. Appointment occurred in June 2020.


Fun fact – or maybe not so fun fact: Kate is one of the 7.6% of women who are Registered Liquidators across Australia. Whilst Korda Mentha are punching above their weight on this – they have double the national average – this still only represents 16% of the Registered Liquidators there. Kate is passionate about nurturing and supporting women to become registered liquidators so we can change this statistic.



















Contact Kate  or find out more about her: https://kordamentha.com/people/kate-conneely

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