Cheryl Hayman

Episode 88 - Non-traditional skills do have a place in the boardroom says Cheryl Hayman

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Non-traditional skills do have a place in the boardroom says Cheryl Hayman.

Today on the Take on Board podcast,  Helga is speaking to Cheryl Hayman  about non-traditional skills and what directors with these bring and why are they needed for great governance and board effectiveness.


Cheryl is on the boards of:

  • Shriro Holdings Ltd,

  • HGL Ltd,

  • Chartered Accountants ANZ,

  • Darlinghurst Theatre Co,

  • Peer Support Australia and a

  • member of the Digital Experts Advisory Committee and a HCF Councillor.


Cheryl Hayman is an experienced ASX Non-Executive Director (NED), ASX Remuneration and Nominations Committee Chair, and was previously a c-Suite marketing director with global food and retail restaurant companies, including George Weston Foods and Yum! Restaurants.


Cheryl advises companies that want to achieve digital transformation at scale, grow through diversification, innovation and customer-centric strategies.


Cheryl’s background in marketing is considered a ‘non-traditional’ path to the boardroom, but she utilises her expertise, diverse perspective and whole of business leadership experience to guide companies that want to disrupt and grow. Cheryl is a passionate mentor of women of all ages and stages of their professional life, whether in the corporate sector or in the entrepreneurial space.


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