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Episode 78 - Top Tips: Use LinkedIn!

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Hello Take on Board people and welcome to 2021!


Now, as Helga mentioned in the final episode of 2020, she was going to try a few new things this year.


And one of those things is short ‘top tips’ episodes.

Today is the first one.


So today’s tip?


Use LinkedIn!


Is getting a board role, expanding your network or changing jobs one of your 2021 goals? Helga takes you through some of her best practices for using the platform. Discover how she manages her skill section, who she connects with and how to use the the privacy settings to your advantage.


PS... It's Helga's birthday today - in lieu of presents, she'd love for you to share the podcast with anyone in your network you think would find it beneficial! And if you have a moment, pop on over to Facebook to say happy birthday! Thank you! Lisa and Buffy.


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