Caitlin Murdock

Episode 76 - Personal liability for company tax debts? Caitlin Murdock helps you avoid trouble

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Personal liability for company tax debts? Caitlin Murdock helps you avoid trouble


Today on the Take on Board podcast Helga is speaking to Caitlin Murdock about how directors can become personally liable for company tax debts and recent legislative changes that have broadened scope of director liability.


Caitlin is a Solicitor at Holding Redlich in the Dispute Resolution & Litigation group with a particular expertise in tax. Caitlin is also a Chartered Tax Adviser. Caitlin’s practice covers all aspects of taxation and has a particular focus on indirect taxes and tax controversy.


Caitlin has diverse experience advising a range of clients from small businesses though to global entities in Australia and abroad. She lays out what you need to be aware of before you even join a board and how you can protect yourself from personal liability.


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