Liz Kelly

Episode 71 - Unpacking the NDIS and lessons you can apply to your board with Liz Kelly

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Unpacking the NDIS and lessons you can apply to your board with Liz Kelly


Today on the Take on Board podcast Helga is speaking to Liz Kelly about the NDIS – the National Disability Insurance Scheme - and what that means for the sector.


Liz is on the boards of BreastScreen Victoria Board & have just joined the Stroke Association Victoria aboard


She has previously been President of the Association for Children with a Disability and on the boards of

  • Children and Young People with a Disability

  • The Disability Services Board

  • VDAC (Victorian Disability Advisory Council)


Liz is qualified in divergent fields of Finance and Human Resources. She has been a director of her own wine consulting business specialising in organisational change and conflict management. Liz has been involved at a governance and operational level in the community, particularly the disability sector, and she has an absolute commitment to advocating for the rights of the more vulnerable in our society.


Liz has always impressed me as a powerhouse of a woman and it’s not always the case that the bean counter also knows the people stuff.


Liz is also the number one ticket holder for the Board Accelerator program – when I created the program back in 2017 (which is perfect timing since the 2021 program is open for enrolment). She was the very first to sign up – a special thanks for being with Helga from the start, Liz!

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