Tricia Malowney

Episode 65 - Boardroom diversity and allyship is more than ticking a box with Tricia Malowney

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Boardroom diversity and allyship is more than ticking a box with Tricia Malowney


Today on the Take on Board podcast, Helga is speaking to Tricia Malowney about diversity, recognising women with a disability for their skills and talents, and becoming an ally.


Tricia is President of Women with Disabilities Australia, Director at Scope Australia and Director Western Health. She has also recently been appointed to the NDIS Independent Advisory Council.


The list of boards she has previously been on is long, that it is easier to list them!

  • Inaugural President Disability Services Board

  • Inaugural Chair Women with Disabilities Australia

  • Chair Independent Disability Services

  • Director Women's Hospital Director,

  • Disability Discrimination Legal Service

  • Director Australian Orthotics and Prosthetics Association

  • Deputy Chair, Victorian Disability Advisory Council

  • Director Women's Health Victoria

  • Director Women's Health East


You’ll leave this episode thinking - “I should really try to do more!”


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