Jenny Andersson

Episode 59 - Get to know a board’s role in creating regenerative economies with Jenny Andersson

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Get to know a board’s role in creating regenerative economies with Jenny Andersson


Today on the Take on Board podcast,  Helga is speaking to Jenny Andersson about the role of boards in creating regenerative economies


Jenny is on the Board of Coast to Capital, an organisation that seeks to ensure that their local towns and cities are known around the world as fantastic places to live.


She is a creative strategist and trusted advisor who has worked with global brands, scale-ups and start-ups for over 30 years on communications and sustainability strategies. Today she concentrates on working with organisations that are accelerating a shift from sustainability to regenerative strategies.


Jenny is CEO of We Activate The Future, a strategy and narrative development consultancy; and co-founder of The Really Regenerative Centre - a community interest company helping business and citizens of Sussex to develop resilient, integrated, and regenerative economies and ecologies through learning journeys which explore the potential of place.

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