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Episode 55 - Good as gold, how to tackle your board responsibilities with Michele Ashby

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Good as gold, how to tackle your board responsibilities with Michele Ashby


Today on the Take on Board podcast, Helga speaks with Michele Ashby about board work and the responsibilities of chairing committees.


Michele is on the boards of McEwan Mining and has previously been on the boards of Lake Victoria Gold, Lucky Strike Mining, Lithium X and Green Energy Corp.


She was named one of the Top 25 Most Powerful Women in Business in Colorado for 2019 and is the President and founder of Ashby Consulting Enterprises & Corporate Directors International.  She is the originator of Ace Board Training For Women which has a goal to train 1,000 women for corporate boards.


Michele is an engaged Independent Director with collective corporate board experience of 20 years on six boards. She has a diverse background which includes over 20 years as a gold specialist/analyst, financial expert and a successful entrepreneur.


Among her achievements are the Denver Gold Group - a global trade association which has become an institution for the gold mining business, which she founded and ran for 18 years. Following DGG, she formed Mine LLC, a successful marketing firm which matched international investors and bankers with resource and energy projects in Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

Contact Michele or find out more about her: https://www.acellc.consulting/


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