Maryanne Puli Vogels

Episode 54 - Using tech to help onboard new directors with Maryanne Puli Vogels


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Using tech to help onboard new directors with Maryanne Puli Vogels


Today on the Take On Board Podcast, Helga is speaking with Maryanne Puli Vogel's about how she leveraged technology to better prepare new directors.


Maryanne is passionate and inspired by the divergence of learning and technology. She is always looking to improve the way businesses and health institutions leverage and streamline their operations with new technologies.


She's led and managed teams virtually for over 20 years sharing her expertise in the successful implementation of online education. So she’s had a jump on those of us catching up to working from home in our COVID times.


Maryanne has held voluntary positions on the Australian Information Industry Association, and she now chairs one of Victoria's multipurpose health centres, Timboon District Healthcare service (TDHS), and in that role, she helps to strategically oversee the implementation of the work of TDHS.


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