Sara Faivre

Episode 52 - World in turmoil? Here’s how board leaders set the tone with Sara Faivre


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World in turmoil? Here’s how board leaders set the tone with Sara Faivre


Today on the Take on Board podcast, Helga speaks with Sara Faivre about social unrest, COVID-19 and the board's role in setting the tone.

Sara has a background in agriculture and biotechnology, Her own transformative journey from the research lab to the boardroom has led to a career devoted to helping others integrate profit and purpose.


Sara is a public and private company board director and business evolution coach from Austin, Texas.


She is on the boards of Farmer Mac (NYSE:AGM), One More Cloud (private-held tech), NACD-Texas TriCities advisory board.


She was formerly on the boards of Texas Red Angus Association, Viagen, Inc., GenomicFX, Exeter Life Sciences


Sara’s first board experience was an executive member (co-founder) on a VC-funded ag biotech, GenomicFX, during the crazy heyday.


She joins Helga from lockdown in Texas and shares how world events are helping her take stock in her career and board roles.


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