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Episode 42 - Here’s some help for communicating in a crisis with Ingrid Svendsen

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Here’s some help for communicating in a crisis with Ingrid Svendsen


Today on the Take on Board podcast, Helga speaks with Ingrid Svendsen about communicating in a crisis.


Ingrid is the co-founder and chair of the East Timor Hearts Fund, and she's also the past president of the Darebin Parklands Association. Her first board was the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance Victorian Branch Counsellor.


Ingrid is a crisis communication professional who is specialised in the age, disability and health sectors for around 10 years. She's the co-owner of Grounded Communications and an AICD trained non-executive director.


She has an adult son and lives in Melbourne with her partner and two chickens. And Helga would like you to know, she's got two awesome sisters, one of whom is behind the microphone today.


So without any bias,  Helga knows Ingrid is going to share a whole lot of wisdom with you today about crisis communications, and how we can handle things whether it's a pandemic or not.

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