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Episode 35 - Through the board portal with Jodie Willmer

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Through the board portal with Jodie Willmer


Today on the Take on Board podcast, Helga speaks with Jodie Willmer about board portals.


Some boards have adopted this tool to make sharing information easier and more secure. Depending on which platform you use, you could be saying farewell to paper for good. Imagine going into your next board meeting armed with just a tablet, confident that everything you need will be there - and there’s nothing to shred at the end.


Jodie is co-founder of Happy Changemakers, an organisation that helps social entrepreneurs, small businesses and not for profits plan for the future.  Jodie and her co-founder, Rob Nagy speak, facilitate, train and coach changemakers all over the globe. Her background is in the Not for Profit sector, governance and strategic planning.


She shares her portal expertise with the community and makes a case for moving your board online, but only after checking it will work for everyone.

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