Corrinne Armour

Episode 33 - Fearless leadership in the board room with Corrinne Armour

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Fearless leadership in the board room with Corrinne Armour


Today on the Take on Board podcast, Helga’s speaking with Corrinne Armour about fearless leadership in the boardroom and from the other side of the board table and executive perspectives.


First, let me tell you about Corrinne. Corrinne is the former Deputy Chair of Wintringham and a founding chair for the Torch Project where she helped the organisation move from a project auspiced by the not for profit to an independent structure.


She's a speaker, trainer and coach who helps leadership teams develop fearless leadership and delivers transformational results. Known for her energy, empathy and results focus her clients come from a range of sectors including local government.


Her latest book Leaders Who Ask was released in 2018. She's also co-author of Developing Direct Reports and two specialist texts in human behaviour.

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