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Bushfires and climate change - impact in the boardroom of a tourism organisation and agribusiness with Nicola Pero - Episode 29

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Bushfires and climate change – impact in the board room: Part Two

Today on the Take on Board podcast, Helga talks with Nicola Pero about bushfires, board obligations in considering climate risk, and the balance of operational versus strategic in times of crisis.


Nicola is a Gippslander and a board member of Destination Gippsland and Food and Fibre Gippsland. She has a lot to share with us about Gippsland as it has been at the center of one of the devastating bushfires in Australia. The impact on both the tourism industry and agriculture will be enormous.


She was formerly on the business curriculum Advisory Board of Bahrain Polytechnic. With previous private public not for profit and government experience Nicola has a comprehensive background in stakeholder management. Her global expertise comes from leadership roles in Australia, Greece, Canada, USA, Qatar and Bahrain.


Her experience has been growing through experience in public venues, local government, economic and tourism development.


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