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Bushfires and climate change - impact in the boardroom of a winery with Henriette Rothschild - Episode 28

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Bushfires and climate change – impact in the board room: Part One

Today on the Take on Board podcast, Helga talks with Henriette Rothschild about bushfires, climate change, emergencies and the impact that this has in the boardroom.


Helga was in Adelaide during the Christmas period. During that time, the Adelaide Hills experienced devastating fires. Two people died and others were injured. More than 80 homes were lost, as well as about 500 outbuildings, hundreds of vehicles and extensive losses of livestock, pets and massive crop damage and vineyard damage.


In particular, about 1100 hectares of the Adelaide Hills vineyards are believed to have been destroyed or badly damaged due to the fires. This is around one third of the area's grape production. 

Helga immediately thought of speaking with Henriette about the impact of this sort of devastation and bushfires on the wine industry, as she is on the board of Brown Family Wine Group (Brown Brothers Winery). She’s also on the Board of Richmond Football Club (so she’s held the Premiership Cup!) and a former Advisory Board member of CircleSource and Victoria Police.


Helga met Henriette when they did Company Directors Course together at the Australian Institute of Company Directors and she immediately impressed me as one of the smartest people in the room. She has more than a decade of success in challenging executive leadership roles across Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Korea, and has a background in sales, commercial marketing, consulting and HR. She's passionate about working with great people to ensure organisations transform and perform.


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