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20 tips to take on board in 2020 - Episode 27

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20 board tips to take on board in 2020.


Today on the Take on Board podcast, Helga brings you 20 board tips to take in to 2020.


In doing so, I acknowledge my good friend Jackie Cooper who helped me bring this together – there’s no way I would have been able to pull out all the key themes and my favourite bits as it would be a bit like having to choose your favourite child. I love all of it! So Jackie was key in pulling this together.


So let’s go back to the start. The first Take on Board episode aired Wednesday 2 July 2019 with the fabulous Sandra Loader. Over six months 23 very different women passed on what they’d learnt about getting on a board and being an effective board member.


There were some standout themes across all 26 episodes.


There’s a loose order to this list: starting with getting on board, to good things to do when on a board.


And #1 is without a doubt the most important theme – relationships. 


Resource’s Helga mentions:

The full list of tips is also in a blog. 

Australia’s Bushfire Appeal details:

The Victorian Bushfire Appeal


This article from the Sydney Morning Herald that outlines a number of organisations supporting people and animals.


Service NSW is supporting the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery. To donate, please call 1800 811 700 or make a donation online.


South Australia – the Kangaroo Island Bushfire Relief Fund and the South Australian Bushfire relief fund.


#20 Organisations and their boards will continue to change


Episode 12: After the Royal Commission, Christina Liosis


Ep 5: Getting attention in the boardroom with Julie  Bignell - https://www.helgasvendsen.com.au/ep5-julie-bignell-take-on-board


#19 Get board-ready


Episode 9: Getting board ready, Anita Roper


Australian Institute of Company Directors course


Board Accelerator Program.


Board KickStarter program


#18 Get your board CV ready


Episode 6: The CV, Dominique Hes


#17 Networks matter


Episode 22: Using your networks, Clare McCartin


#16 Leverage workplace roles into governance roles


Episode 8: More women in decision-making roles, Leonie Morgan 


#15 Follow passions and interests


Episode 11: Following passions and interests, Sandy Bell


#14 Understand your values


Episode 12: After the Royal Commission, Christina Liosis


Brene Brown says to pick two key values (e.g. ‘equity’ and ‘courage’)


#13 Welcome and acknowledge the traditional owners


Episode 10: Rethinking the meaning of ‘country’, Amber Roberts


Welcome (to country) and acknowledgement (of country)


Learn about indigenous governance: try the Indigenous Governance Institute Toolkit


#12 The board is a team


Episode 4: Courageous questions, Llewellyn Prain


#10 Embrace diversity


Episode 18: The importance of regional boards, Fiona Williams


#9 Align with management


Episode 7: Making problems easy to solve, Dr Sue Keay


#8 Put in the time + read the papers


Episode 2: Getting clear about intentions, Rachel Lowry


#7 Put the consumer first


Episode 20: Putting the consumer first, Kellie O’Callaghan


#6 The art of asking the good question


Episode 13: Finding the right fit, Jo Plummer


#5 Find your voice


Episode 19: Breaking down preconceptions, Sheena Watt


* Your voice: “I had to develop my voice.” Michelle Shepherd

* Loud and proud: “You need to be loud and proud if you’re on a board.” Sandra Loader

* Bravery: “Having the courage and the bravery to open your mouth and ask those questions.” Julie Bignell


#4 Have a succession plan


Episode 15: An appetite for risk, Zora Artis


Board Observership program


#3 Ongoing knowledge and skills development


Episode 21: The joining gene, Linda White


#2 Respond deliberately


Episode 14: Gaining influence and using it for good, Michelle Gibbings


#1 Build good relationships


Episode 17: Empowering young changemakers, Jane Kennedy



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