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Breaking down preconceptions in the board room with Sheena Watt - Episode 19

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Today on the Take on Board podcast Helga chats with Sheena Watt about how to get on a board and about cultural isolation in the boardroom.


Sheena, a proud Yorta Yorta woman, is a board member of Vic Health (Victorian Health Promotion Foundation), Progressive Public Health Australia, the Victorian Council of Social Services, otherwise known as VCOSS, and Women's Health Victoria.


She's also the executive manager for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander policy and programs at AFL sports ready.


Sheena was formerly on the Boards of the Queen Elizabeth Centre, The Centre for Australian Progress, 3KND (Koori Radio Melbourne), Eastweb fund, National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women's Alliance, ANTaR National.


Sheena has learned to make her voice heard and has found causes she cares about. She says the best way to operate on a board, discover what you don’t know and work on learning about it and keep working to break down preconceptions about fellow board members.


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Victorian Health Boards are now open for applications (and close Monday 2nd December) via Get on Board - Victoria -


Queensland Health Boards are also now open for applications (until 15th November) -



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