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Courageous questions in the board room with Llewellyn Prain - Episode 4

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Llewellyn Prain is currently a Board member at Western Water, the Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, the Public Transport Ombudsman, and the Disability Services Board. And she's previously been a Board member of Western Regional Health Centre and CoHealth.


She's worked as a lawyer in senior strategy and policy roles and she's run her own business. Her zone of genius is in helping to develop and communicate policy in a range of areas including emergency management, health, and transport.


Llewellyn was the first woman to Chair the Board of the Western Region Health Centre. And she helped to lead the merger process that created CoHealth, one of the largest community health organisations in Australia.


She completed the Williamson Community Leadership Program in 2017. Llewellyn lost most of her vision in 2014, through a hereditary eye condition. She's passionate about addressing inequity in our community, and ensuring diversity and inclusion in all aspects of life. For all of these reasons, I know you're going to love my discussion with Llewellyn today.


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Resource’s Llwellyn Mentioned:


  • Brené Brown’s Ted Talk

  • Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown.

  • Dare to Lead by Brené Brown


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