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Getting clear about intentions in joining a Board with Rachel Lowry - Episode 2

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Rachel is the chief Conservation Officer at the World Wildlife Federation, WWF Australia and past president of the International Zoo Educators Association, and former chair of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership. She also currently sits on the Parks Victoria Advisory Committee and the Zoo Wise Advisory Committee.


In our discussion, we talk about being an effective board member: what time commitment is required, what support you need to have in place, what's the balance between governance and operational, what skills you need to have on your board, and also how incredibly rewarding it can be to be a board member.


One of the other things that stands out in this discussion is Rachel’s views about engaging with members and networks. She talks about:

  • her first board role, which she gained through reaching out to Larissa Brown, the then CEO of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership

  • her time as President of the Zoo Educators Association where she surveyed members so that board could determine their strategic direction.

  • about being clear on expectations and reaching out to board members for challenging conversations if required and how this can can lead to the board member stepping down or stepping up. 

  • and reaching out to mentors to support you.


Her advice is to be clear on what you want to give and take from your Board experience and choose an organisation with a mission your want to progress. She also advises to know your skillset, consider the broader skill matrix of the Board, keep an eye on risks and opportunities and also culture.

Boards Rachel is on:

Contact Rachel or find out more about her: https://au.linkedin.com/in/rachel-lowry-308a6611

Rachel’s Twitter: @Rachlowry

Resource’s Rachel Mentioned:

Want to hear more from Rachel?

Rachel will be speaking at one of my regular board KickStarter breakfasts. The next one is on Tuesday the 16th of July 2019.


Here’s a link to come and join us.

More about Rachel

At WWF, Rachel and her team are focussed on delivering transformational conservation results that help nature and people. Rachel is also advisor to Australia's Threatened Species Commissioner. Prior to joining WWF, she led the development and delivery of Zoos Victoria $30 million Wildlife Conservation Plan, which has made a considerable impact in helping to fight the extinction of species from the world's most endangered crocodile. Through to Victoria's Eastern barred bandicoot.


Rachel has developed an award-winning program that has tackled conservation and sustainability issues both locally and globally. With the 'Don't Palm us Off' campaign, influencing the food labeling processes of palm oil within Australia and abroad. Unsurprisingly, Rachel was awarded sustainability leader of the Year by WME 2010 and was profiled in Melbourne top hundred most influential people through the Age newspaper in 2011.


In 2016, the Australian Geographic magazine listed Rachel among Australia's top 30 conservation heroes. In 2018, Rachel's contribution to conservation and gender equality in the workplace was recognized which was awarded a position on the top 50 women in the Victorian public service by the Institute of Public Administration Australia.


Rachel's current focus is to lead and support the talented conservation team at WWF Australia to drive impactful and innovative solutions that advance the health of our planet, or securing a new deal for nature and people.


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