Dominique Hes

Part 2: Strategy session: Board interviews, Dominique Hes - Episode 16


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Today on the Take on Board podcast, Dr Dominique Hes is back for another on air coaching session.

Remember a few weeks ago, Dominique was preparing an application for a board role - well she landed an interview.

So Helga is having another chat with her to run through some interview preparation tips and tricks. Number one tip - research. But there is so much more these two cover in their chat.

Today, you get to eavesdrop on one of those sessions and pick up some of the insights from Helga and from Dominique. This episode is enlightening for all interviews you may have. Enjoy and good luck.


And in a future episode of Take on Board, Helga will have a final catch up with Dominique to see how the interview unfolded and what the final outcome was.

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