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Depth and breadth in the boardroom with Sandra Loader - Episode 1

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Woo! Today is the day to hear the first full episode of the Take on Board podcast! Sandra Loader shares some amazing insights about being on a Board, having courage in the board room, and frank and fearless feedback. She also has a fabulous tool for checking for diversity in your 'trust circle'.


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Sandra Loader is the chair of the Australian Beverage Council and a non-executive director of the Sports Environment Alliance and the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology. She's also a member of the Advisory Committee for the New South Wales Government container deposit scheme. She was previously a non-executive director of the Food Industry Association, and innovation start-ups such as the food Technology Centre.

Today, Sandra speaks with Helga Svendsen about how her country roots influenced her start in governance. Sandra says that you need to make sure you are aware of the commitment being an active board member can be and from time to time, that courage is a key component of governance and that you need to take stock of your network. She also believes that a key aspect of guiding and mentoring is to give full and frank feedback. She tells Helga how she does this.


Boards Sandra is on:
Australian Beverage Council:

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Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology:

Container Deposit Scheme Ministerial Advisory Committee (NSW):


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Singularity University:

Helga Svendsen’s Board Accelerator Program:

Exponential Organisation, by Salim Ismail:

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