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Three keys to networking

Networking. I know the mere mention of the word is enough to have many of you feeling anxious and wanting to run out the door. Stop. Don't run yet! Networking is vital. It opens doors to opportunities that you wouldn't otherwise find. Let me give you an example. A coaching client of mine, Emily, has worked with her employer for a couple of decades. And she's started to wonder what to do next. Together we developed a pretty clear picture of her dream job and dream employer. Building on her current experience and taking it to a whole new sector. Emily and I have discussed networking a lot. I have encouraged her to get input from others and connect with people in the new sector. It's fair to sa

Networking! My favourite framework for a simple introduction

So, what do you do? It’s your least favourite part of networking events, right? You clam up – how can you explain what you do in a simple, interesting way? Let me show you how. My favourite framework for introductions is: I help ... (who do you help) Do ... (what do they do) So they can ... (get what results) For me, as a connector, it might be: I help women Connect to their networks So they can open doors to opportunities See? It doesn’t have to be too complex. In fact, the simpler the better. Another example, if you work in communications for the environment: I help [our project teams] To [write their communications plans] So they can [have greater engagement from the public which lead

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