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What's the best thing today?

The evidence about the power of gratitude is clear: gratitude is good for you. And the best thing? It doesn't cost a cent and is easy to do. I was deliciously reminded of this when, on a quiet Friday night at home and spending some time on social media, @Ashwer_Wolf tweeted "Tell me the best thing today." Here's a taste of some of the fabulous responses: "getting my fire back after a few years of quietly examining my core values and interests. It felt like I had died but in fact I shaved some parts of me away that weren't good" "Aldi Early Grey. It's delicious. It's cheap" "Realising my dad is so very kind and wonderful in his own gruff way. And recognising I need to be a better son" "Balloo

International Women's Day 2018

Honouring all women on International Women's Day 2018 (8 March). Interview with Helga Svendsen, Facilitator | Coach | Trainer | Mentor | Consultant | Non Executive Director GAICD ACC. Produced by ICF Australasia Victoria.

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