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Fits and Starts

"Fits and starts, fits and starts! Between illnesses, holidays and hot weather, we have lots of legitimate obstacles to full, productive work days at this time of year. I'm feeling it at home and work. How do you regain momentum - and mojo - after unexpected interruptions?" This message, from a connection, mirrors my own thoughts at this time of year. It's February*. We are past the enthusiasm of new years' resolutions and holiday glow. Perhaps, like me, you feel that sometimes things are beginning to slip. How can we make sure we get back on the bike (literally or metaphorically!)? Most people can't run at the bike, leap on and peddle all at the same time - you fall over. Fits and starts. H

Coffee lucky dip 2018

What others have to say about their coffee catch ups ... Hi Helga, 1. Something you've learnt (about yourself, the other person, about networking – anything you like!) I learnt a lot from Anne who has a fascinating background and has lived in some amazing places – I knew little about Myanmar and have not had much time to study the history of the Rohingya Muslims but do think Aung San Suu Kyi is an amazing woman so was not surprised to hear the complexity of the politics and situation. Makes one very grateful to be living in such a beautiful place as the Sunshine Coast. I am also very appreciative of how welcoming people have been and so supportive. 2. Help that was offered (by you or for y

Board Accelerator group coaching program for women

Join the program in 2020 Are you: Looking to improve your practice as a Non Executive Director? A Director of an organisation and dealing with challenges – managing the CEO, mergers, board evaluations, effective financial reporting, diversifying the organisations funding base and more? Looking for a place where you can learn from others and share your own wisdom so we can practice better governance? Looking for a safe space where you can discuss these challenges, knowing that confidences will be kept and constructive insights will be shared? If you have answered yes to these questions, then Board Accelerator is for you. This 12-month program of monthly breakfast meetings with a small (10-12)

Board KickStarter group coaching program for women

Join next year's program If you have been considering a step into a Non Executive Director role yet you're not sure what's needed, where to look or where you could fit in then this is the group for you. Program details A group-coaching program for professional women to prepare for the launch of their Non Executive Director role and increase your impact on your career, community and organisations. Explore what makes a good Board great in a safe, motivating, encouraging and fun environment. It's like being part of a sports team preparing for an event - an experienced coach at your side along with the rest of the team to cheer you on! You'll be able to learn and get support from each other and

Invitation: 2018 coffee lucky dip

Have you heard of the 50 coffee meetings challenge? The premise is simple: meet with 50 people and talk about something you are exploring. It might be a new city, your professional journey or your next personal adventure. Let your imagination run free in thinking about what to explore. By meeting with a range of different people you will explore perspectives you haven't thought of previously. Added bonus: you’ll meet some really interesting people! This is what networking is about. It’s not about having the most LinkedIn contacts, or the most business cards – it’s about building personal relationships. And then using those relationships to genuinely and curiously explore new and int

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