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Board KickStarter and Board Accelerator - Group coaching programs for women

Two group coaching programs for women beginning February 2017. Board KickStarter group coaching program for women A group-coaching program for professional women to prepare for the launch of their Non Executive Director role and increase your impact on your career, community and organisations More information via this link. Board Accelerator group coaching program for women This 12 month program of monthly breakfast meetings with a small (10-12) group of women Directors will cover topics including managing the CEO relationship, succession planning, what to do in a crisis, financial reports and more. More information via this link.

Review, reflect, discuss, celebrate!

End of year is an excellent time for evaluation. A model that I like to use is: Review → Reflect → Discuss → Celebrate! Taking the time to evaluate is an opportunity to re-set your own compass - you can stop, look, and discover where you and then decide where you want to go in the future. This helps to ensure we are consciously choosing the path we take. To live your life in line with your purpose and values, regular evaluation is vital. And making a habit of a regular evaluation - I do it at least annually - can be valuable. Here are some questions that might help you in your own annual evaluation: Review This is is about just the facts and figures. Gather the evidence and data from your ye

Board KickStarter Breakfast - November 2016

Thanks everyone for joining me at our final Board KickStarter breakfast for 2016 and, in particular, to our fabulous speakers Jill Riseley and Alison Rowe for their informative, insightful and interesting stories and tips. Here's a summary of some of their take-out messages: From Alison Network - go to events, volunteer, find a Board internship, do a course like Williamson Community Leadership Program (“MBA with a conscience), join AICD Skills - sought after skills include finance, legal, strategy, fundraising and also your operational experience is also vital for understanding an industry or sector. Don't forget soft skills such as vulnerability, vision, humility Challenges - try to balance

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