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What's your legacy?

This week I have twice had cause to ponder the importance of legacy. Many of you will know Mike Hill, who passed away earlier this week. It’s still raw and a shock that he’s not around. I know from many of the tributes that have been written about him already that we are all doing our best to celebrate all that he gave – his legacy. Mike was the epitome of social activism. He was always striving to make the world a better place and took action to make it happen. I can’t actually remember how I first met Mike, I just know that he was everywhere, and knew everyone, in the world of sustainability. He was a master at inspiring others, and had an uncanny knack of making you feel special when you

Board KickStarter Breakfast - July 2016

Speakers Henriette Rothschild, Kate Palmer and Jenny Holliday. Take away messages: If you are keen on a board role, put yourself forward - let people who can help know that you are interested. To get a board role, there needs to be vacancies, your skills need to match what they need and you need to love what the organisation is all about. Know that there is a commitment - of time, energy, skills and more - in taking on a board role. During recruitment for a role, ask lots of questions about the organisation, and, in particular, get to know the culture. Rather than thinking about "when's my moment to contribute/speak in a meeting" think about what you are doing when you're not speaking. As a

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