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Is your leadership holding you back?

"I've just had a light bulb moment. I realise that I already have all the leadership skills I need - I don't need to keep adding. I just need to dial up or dial down the leadership traits I already have". These are the words of Jackie Jeffrey, one of the participants in the Leadership Great South Coast program. I worked with this program recently and the fabulous Corrinne Armour was leading a session about "What Got You Here, Won't Get You There", based on the teaching of Marshall Goldsmith. There's a useful summary of his work in this area here. In essence, Goldsmith says you should outline your leadership traits - your skills, talents and abilities. Then, you need to work out when and how

Gratitude packs a three-fold punch

You already know that hearing someone say "thanks" feels great. And you probably also know that saying thanks feels pretty darn good too. Did you also know that by saying thanks, you are motivating the people you thank to help others? Gratitude packs a three-fold punch. It’s like adding yeast to your bread – it triples in size, ensuring everyone gets a slice. Everyone is better off - the "thanker", the "thankee" and the broader community. How saying thank you helps you: The thanker feels good saying it; the thankee feels valued hearing it You will better savour the experience, cope with stress and strengthen social relationships (see the research here) and will have increased positive emoti

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