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Invitation: 50 coffee challenge lucky dip

Have you heard of the 50 coffee meetings challenge? The premise is simple: meet with 50 people and talk about something you are exploring. It might be a new city, your professional journey or your next personal adventure. Let your imagination run free in thinking about what to explore. By meeting with a range of different people you will explore perspectives you haven't thought of previously. Added bonus: you’ll meet some really interesting people! This is what networking is about. It’s not about having the most LinkedIn contacts, or the most business cards – it’s about building personal relationships. And then using those relationships to genuinely and curiously explore new and int

Board KickStarter Breakfast November 2015

Board KickStarter breakfast – November 2015 Speakers: Melissa Field and Cath Bowtell Take away messages: Start-ups When do start-ups formalise their Boards? Sometimes they are Advisory Boards; sometimes Board of governance. Things to think about: family or friend connections; how the organization will grow; adviser v. de facto Director Pathways to start-up boards include “find and follow the talent” and “follow the money” Is it for me? Consider reputational and risk alignment, values and whether you are Pinocchio or Bob the Builder! Mergers Strategic rational – should be more than just “bigger is better” - consider gaps in an organization attributes/strengths/weaknesses and align accordingly

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