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The antidote to End of year tiredness

“I’m on the home stretch for today. Exhausted but the group is having a fabulous conversation right now about how to do good for the world. I’m so lucky to do what I do. It’s fun, interesting and satisfying” This was a text I sent my partner while at a planning day with Inner Melbourne Community Legal (IMCL). IMCL do incredible work including client support, advocacy, education and outreach. Their planning day came on the end of what had been a big week. I had been to Castlemaine, Warrnambool and Benalla; facilitated four events; hosted a Board KickStarter breakfast. It had been a big week. I felt tired. You’re might be feeling that way right now. A big year. All sorts of things on

Responses to “The gifts of vulnerability”

In November I blogged about the gifts of vulnerability - trust, empathy, opportunity, entrepreneurship, courage, innovation and more. I also talked about how you can maximise the warmth and light of vulnerability and and minimise the risk of burn through truth, connection and focus. I asked you to let me know your stories of vulnerability. Here are a few of the responses I received. Thanks to all that shared their stories. My take on 'Vulnerability'. It’s hard when you are ‘the fixer’ to let people know you don't know the answers for yourself. Acknowledging that aloud, to trusted people, was a huge step for me. I was used to thinking and finding solutions, options and ways to move forward

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