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Where to start the search for board roles ...

I consolidate lots of board roles and post them to my Facebook group so it's a great way of keeping an eye on most of these sites, all in one place. Here's a few of my favourite sites for finding the right board role: For not for profit Directorships Pro Bono Australia Our Community Leadership Victoria Ethical Jobs (sometimes has board roles) Membership listings If you are a member of the following they have listings: CPA Australia Australian Institute of Company Directors Women on Boards Victorian government roles All Victoria government roles are advertised here. If you're female make sure you sign up to the Victorian Womens Register which advertises all Victorian government roles. For ye

How to do it better next time...

How can we do it better next time? That’s the question I am often asked by individuals, teams, or organisations when I work with them. It might be when discussing the outcomes of a Board evaluation, or with a project team in working through the “lessons learned” from a recent project. Taking the time to reflect is vital to ensure you can do better “next time”. It’s like being a detective – you uncover facts, hear from “witnesses”, look for clues, ask the right questions until the whole mystery makes sense. Aim to keep the things that work well – and share them with others! And devise different ways to do things that need improvement. Here are some key steps to make sure the reflection is con

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