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Three exercises to strengthen your networking muscle

I love to connect people. I can’t help myself. If we’ve had a cuppa together, and you’ve talked about a project you’re working on – whether it’s personal or professional – at some stage during the conversation I will have asked you “who can I connect you with, who might be helpful?”. Or my phone comes out and we start looking through LinkedIn to see who I know who works at a particular organisation or has a particular skill. Connecting people, passion and projects has become almost second nature to me. It hasn’t always been this way. Just like going to the gym to build strength, I have deliberately worked on strengthening my networking muscle. And, just like gym strengthening, once the m

Three ingredients for turning a crisis into a "crisatunity"

One of my adages in life is “never miss an opportunity”. This week I witnessed a wonderful practical application of this when talking with a coaching client. We have been doing some work with her on identifying her next career step – clarifying purpose, values, skills; identifying options. In an email she advised that funding for her current role was in serious doubt. Then she said: “I don't want to get too caught up in the immediate and unforeseen crisatunity of my role being defunded”. This is the thing I love about working with Chloe*. She knows that when life dishes up lemons, she can make lemonade. The ability to turn a crisis into a crisatunity is one of the greatest gifts of leadershi

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