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Defining purpose is central to achieving your dreams ...

As a facilitator, I often work with clients to develop strategic plans. The first step is to develop the organisation, or team, or even individual, vision (sometimes called a purpose, mission or a myriad of other names). Devising strategy without a vision statement is like driving without a road map – you won’t know where you’re going, or even if you’re heading in the right direction. You certainly won’t know when you have arrived at the place you wanted to go. As Simon Sinek says, start with why. If you haven’t already watched his Ted Talk it’s well worth investing the 20 minutes to discover the magic of the “golden circle”. One group I worked with recently played “mix and match” – their ta

Investment properties funding women’s housing

I’m the Vice President of Social Housing Victoria (SHV), which is the subsidiary of YWCA Victoria (of which I’m a director). SHV provides housing for Victorians in need. We’ve been looking around for new social enterprises, including housing initiatives. I recently heard that Property Initiatives Real Estate has just launched the kind of initiative that we’ve been looking to get off the ground. Property Initiatives Real Estate is a real estate company. All profits go to women’s property initiatives. Go to Property Initiatives Real Estate website to find out more.

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